Q & A for MuniRem

Q: Is MuniRem a biological or chemical product?

A: MuniRem is an abiotic (chemical) product.

Q: How is MuniRem applied?

A: In powder (solid) form, MuniRem is mixed into the contaminated media and water is added to start the chemical reaction. Some applications of MuniRem require that it is applied as an aqueous solution, for example decontamination of building walls, pipes, equipment, scrap metal, and groundwater remediation. 

Q: What are the most common applications?

A: Neutralization of bulk explosives; decontamination of explosive contaminated surfaces (building walls, equipment, bomb casings and scrap metal) and pipes; treatment of explosives, chlorinated solvents, pesticides, and metals in soil, sludge and groundwater; treatment of explosives wastewater; remediation of open burn/open detonation ranges; destruction of chemical warfare agents,

Q: How fast does MuniRem work?

A: Seconds to minutes after contacting the explosives; hours to days for non-explosives.

Q: Are the products of MuniRem harmful to the environment?

A: No

Q: Does MuniRem produce hazardous end products that need to be disposed of as hazardous waste?

A: No

Q: What are the end products of MuniRem?

A: MuniRem degrades to sulfate, thiosulfate, carbonate, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, alkali/alkali earth metals, and metal sulfides after the reaction is complete. Explosives degrade to formate, acetate, nitrogen gas, nitrite (minor component).

Q: Can my company self perform using MuniRem product?

A: Yes. See MuniRem Partner Program at our website www.munirem.com

Q: How does MuniRem Environmental, LLC (MRE) address safety during handling and application of MuniRem?

A: MRE has developed a Safe Handling and Application training that is provided to ALL MuniRem handlers and users. Personnel who have completed MRE training and are certified can safely apply MuniRem or self perform on their projects. The training is also available as a smart phone APPs for Android and Iphone users.

Q: What is MuniRem cost relative to other competing technologies?

A: Users of MuniRem generally realize a cost saving of 30 - 50% over other competing technologies. Cost comparisons with other technologies can be found on the web site. The projects are also completed in a shorter time.

If you have any other questions about MuniRem, please contact us.