Munitions Remediation

MuniRem is a solution for a broad range of explosives and munitions constituents including Mustard

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Soil Remediation

Contaminated soils treatment involves mixing MuniRem® into the soils and adding water to achieve

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MuniRem® ensures instant neutralization of bulk explosives to non-toxic, end products and

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Decontamination applications involve spraying the MuniRem® solution on building walls, large equipment

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U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Amendment for NAS Study of Alternatives to Open Burning/Open Detonation

U.S Senator Tammy Baldwin filed an amendment to halt open burning of the military's hazardous waste munitions. The provision is stated ...
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Nitrocellulose Propellant

Nitrocellulose Destruction Patent Awarded to MuniRem Environmental

Method for chemical destruction of nitrocellulose propellants and plasticized military munitions - patent awarded to MuniRem Environmental, LLC. 

Valentline Nzengung, CEO ...
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MuniRem honored by Georgia Research Alliance

The Georgia Research Alliance recently celebrated its 25 year of operation by selecting the 25 leading technology breakthroughs in GA ...
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MuniRem Environmental, LLC ( launches new website

Athens, Georgia, USA, February 19, 2016 – MuniRem Environmental (, a pioneer in the application of innovative green remediation technologies ...
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Laboratory demonstration of neutralization of explosives by MuniRem

Laboratory demonstration of neutralization of explosives by MuniRem. Demo shows neutralization of Picrate, MuniRem is equally effective on many other ...
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MuniRem Destruction of H6 – Field Project Video

MuniRem Environmental, LLC recently completed a project for the neutralization of H6. One of our techs made this video of ...
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MuniRem application to munitions plants

MuniRem Environmental, LLC chemistries achieve instant neutralization and destruction of explosive compounds to innocuous by-products. MuniRem has been successfully demonstrated ...
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MuniRem decontaminates building contaminated with H-6

MuniRem Environmental successfully decontaminates buildings and equipment that was heavily contaminated with H6 Residues, including in chunks weighting 2lbs.
Working with ...
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MuniRem proven to be effective for instant, safe, destruction of Lead Styphnate and Trinitroresorcinol.

MuniRem Environmental, LLC was recently invited by USAESC Huntsville, AL, to participate in independently planned and supervised testing of MuniRem ...
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MuniRem Gets Demilitarization Project Back On Track

In a former munitions factory in a major metropolitan area, a pipe was discovered that was packed with crystalized TNT ...
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